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“Critical Density by Desiree Holt PDF eBook”. Critical Density by Desiree Holt is the second book in the Galaxy series. It is a suspense story with a gorgeous girl Hannah and hot stranger Viper.

Critical Density by Desiree Holt PDF overview:

In the book, Critical Density by Desiree Holt is a young girl Hannah. She was running and suffering in her life. She was saved by a muscular previous SEAL. Hannah is never predictable for the intimacy to be as hot and deeper as the peril zone. She thinks that her life is on the tail. She is very successful in her professional life and had a great job. She is a drone engineer at a top-ranked place, Lowden Tactical. She got the project after another, and they all become successful. But until it, all blustered up in her face. Exactly.


At this time, Hannah is on the run, and she was scared and alone.  If she had not come across the sexy unfamiliar person, she has no clue what would have occurred.  Viper Roman is the prior SEAL fellow who emerges to be mutually an answer to a desire and the hottest man alive.

In the book, Critical Density by Desiree, Viper was a man of the mystic agency, Galaxy, fight against time to evidence her guiltlessness and find the actual criminal, feelings developed between them at a higher rate. Things heat up at the boiling point between them. Read Meet Cute by Elise Faber PDF.


Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:                Critical Density
  • Author:                         Desiree Holt
  • Publish Date:                March 9, 2021
  • Type:                             PDF
  • File Size:                      2866 KB
  • Status                            Available
  • Genre:                           Romantic Suspense