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Dark Elements by Luke Davids PDF eNovel. Dark Elements by Luke Davids is science fiction. This is a series of books and this book is the first one in the series.  This book revolves around five characters: Atticus who was an anti-hero was only for revenge. Hamish: the commander’s son, trying to do what’s ever good for his people, what he thinks mandatory for them. Duke- the commander’s son, he was too young to be intricate in his father’s war. Indigo White- a wicked tech mastermind, with authority over lots of people, trying to attain even more. Robert Birch- Indigo’s co-conspirator, it seems that he will do anything. Everything for he asked.

Dark Elements by Luke Davids PDF overview:

Dark Elements by Luke Davids is about a man, who was in control of something. He was rebellious.  He had nothing to lost, the only thing he had with him was an old dog.  The people who have any kind of chip fixed in their head, the world are their oyster. The world becomes a difficult place or like a. hell, who lost or don’t have any chip.  The world has progressed for those people who inhabit behindhand the boundary walls. In the outlands, people were suffering and striving away for an opportunity at an enhanced life. Duke Calgary was fulfilling his father’s dreams and cause.  He promised his father to give well life to their people.

In this book Dark Elements by Luke Davids, an enigmatic unfamiliar person appears at the access way of Duke Calgary. A stranger gave an offer that was so appealing and enticing, not too easy to deny that. What will the answer to this offer from a rebellious? They will choose to carry on miseries, or they want to take revenge on a man who was behind and the reason for their suffering, Indigo White. Only time can express, but there is sufficient time to go round. read The Tomorrow Box by Curtis Sittenfeld PDF

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  • PDF Title:             Dark Elements
  • Book writer:          Luke Davids 
  • Book release:        February 25, 2021
  • Type:                       PDF
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  • Genre:                     Cyberpunk Science fiction