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“Hours to Kill by Susan Sleeman PDF eBook”. ‘Hours to Kill’ are the third and last book in the mystery series of homeland heroes. It is about security agents, and each passing time brings them near to the toxic fight.


Hours to Kill by Susan Sleeman PDF overview

Hours to Kill by Susan Sleeman is about the story of a Homeland Security agent. Addison Leigh ranges the peak of her cyber inquiry into shotguns sneaks in the ring. She pounces on and left for dead. She was in serious condition and suffering from a coma. Her estranged husband Mack Jordan was notified about her. He may have let this soldierly shock wrecks their short marriage. She never give up on their relationship.  He was her closest relatives.  Mack stands at her bedside and makes many promises to her.

He decided to search out the man who did this to her. Mack botched at once when he bailed on their marriages. He does not want to let her down. When she gets up from the coma, she lost her memory. Addison does not ever remember the attack or nor any relationship with Mack. The second attempt was made to kill her; it was obvious that something weird is going on. The killer won’t relax until Addison is departed for good. Both Mack and Addison are on an excursion of their lives.

Hours to kill by Susan Sleeman have great action, romance, mystery, and a little bit of learning. This book is full of turning points, themes of love, hope, and friendship. Read Live Love Lead by Brian Houston PDF.

Book Noticeable Description:

  • PDF Title:                  Hours to Kill
  • Book writer:               Susan Sleeman
  • Book release:              March 16, 2020
  •  Type:                             PDF
  •  File Size:                        6471 KB
  •  Status:                            Available  
  • Genre:                          Christian Mystery and Suspense