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OF Shadows and Elves by Emma Hamm PDF. “OF Shadows and Elves” is one of personal growth and self-actualization. The story revolves around a girl Freya.  This book is full of trickery, voyage, love. To protect the Goblin King, she must danger her life on a passage to the ends of the faerie empire.


OF Shadows and Elves by Emma Hamm PDF overview

OF Shadows and Elves by Emma Hamm is the story of Freya, who wants to save her younger sister. She wanted her sister back.  She beat the Goblin king and would not realize that this thing can destroy the entire faerie court. Her sister not wanted to come with her and refuse to go back. Freya is confined in her chaos. She has to sort out what she broke. Freya figured out something weird about her and she grows herself as a person. He permits Freya to acquire on her own while pushing her along in the accurate direction.

 The faerie empire will become extremely riskier.  Take back the Goblin king. Protect the people she hurt. And do her finest to escape the attractions of deteriorating into Goblin king arms. Because the goblin king is sealed into mystic prison, this aim may be difficult to attain for her. She was ready to go through adversities countless.  Freya beat the king already.  Is she able to conquest the Queen?

Of Shadows and Elves is a second book in the series “Of Goblin Kings”.  It is another mystic adventure occupied with not only shady, dangerous, tragedy. It is full of emotions. It is a book that helps a person to learn about themselves.

Book Noticeable Description

  • Book Name:               OF Shadows and Elves
  • Author Name:             Emma Hamm
  • Publish Date:               March 15, 2021
  • Type:                             PDF
  • File Size:                      4090 KB
  • Status:                           Available
  • Genre:                          Mythology and folk tales