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“Saving Veronica by Deanna L. Rowley PDF eBook. “Saving Veronica by Deanna L. Rowley is the first book in the Ronnie’s Meadows series. It is a story of special forces.

Saving Veronica by Deanna L. Rowley PDF Overview

Saving Veronica book by Deanna L. Rowley is a story about Veronica, also known as Ronnie.  Parker’s life was directed in the correct direction. After facing a dangerous and deadly accident, she had to take a footstep back to evaluate and analyze the things that she needed out of her life.  The only thing absent was a man with the capability to start a family with her.  One man, she sees every day, and he had interests in her.

The one thing she did not like about him that he wears a suit regularly. She had a past relationship many years ago. she made a promise to never date a man who dresses in a suit regularly at work.  Finnegan, Finn, Larson come back from doing ten years in the Marines to take charge the control of his family’s grounds.  He wears camo regularly and he dresses in a suit. He buckled down to learn the ropes. Before working at his family’s business, he comes across an obsessive woman that put him on fire. Read cout by Janie Crouch PDF.

He was desperate to meet her and was waiting anxiously for her. But by bad luck, he met her not at a good time, he was saving her life from a deadly accident. In the book Saving Veronica by Deanna L. Rowley, they both want to get involve with each other and start their relationship. Ronnie’s past return and pressurizes not only on her but her new relationship with Finn. Can their relationship last?

Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:                Saving Veronica
  • Author:                       Deanna L. Rowley 
  • Publish Date:                March 9, 2021
  • Type:                             PDF
  • File Size:                        1886 KB
  • Status                            Available
  • Genre:                           Contemporary romance