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“Stealing His Princess by Elle Goode PDF eBook.” Stealing His Princess by Elle Goode is a love story. It is a tale between a prince Sov and a princess Mackenzie. He belongs to the underworld and a girl was an accountant for Veith orphans. It happens in the virtual criminal family world. This story is a complete standalone.

Stealing His princess by Elle Goode PDF overview:

Stealing His Princess by Elle Goode, the story revolves around Prince Sov. He was habitual to being in governor, authoritative faithfulness, and dread. He did not assume to have a feeling for the orphans by Karin Veith. Sov belongs to an ex-crime family that has gone legit.  He was a Prince from the start to end, what he wishes for, he gets that. He always fulfills his wishes.


 They both saw each other at the reception of Veith’s wedding. The spark fly and he falls in love with her.

In the book, Stealing His Princess by Elle Goode, Mackenzie is a different girl. She was contented to work. The heroine is intelligent, fearless, and kind.  They both want each other desperately. Sov knows that she belongs to her.


But Mackenzie was confused about his feelings whether that was real or fake. Sov sometimes behaves like and she behaves like a weird. They made for each other, and perfect with each other.  Mackenzie fell in love with him but she holds her ground. It wasn’t easy for him to get her fully.

Sov was protective and gentle with her. Mackenzie learns a lot when he was being around her. She realized her self-worth. The story is great, well developed and a lot of romantic scenes. Read Tending Tara by Kat Mizera PDF.

Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:                Stealing His princess
  • Author:                         Elle Goode   
  • Publish Date:                March 20, 2021
  • Type:                             PDF
  • File Size:                       1227 KB
  • Status:                            Available
  • Genre:                           Contemporary Romance