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“Tending Tara by Kat Mizera PDF eBook”. Tending Tara is a classical novel through which the author exposes the wonderful story of an innocent but romantic girl.

Tending Tara by Kat Mizera PDF Overview:

Tending Tara by Kat Mizera, it was at the present or not ever for hockey celebrities Donovan Legori. After his aching divorce, he did not pay attention to anything, keep his head down and his shakes on the ice most of the time. Getting operated on was the one thing that is of importance. Exhausted from playing tie-up- he was all set for players that would make him an opening goalie.

What he wasn’t prepared for was falling for his co-players energetic sister. Blistering redhead Tara Laassonen wanted a new start and a one-way ticket out of Finland. Going to be nearby her proficient hockey player brother in Anchorage appeared like the ideal escape, particularly when his tall, gloomy, and good-looking co-player made her unable to remember all about her devastating break up back home.
Tending Tara by Kat Mizera, it is just as things were warming up, Tara brings into being both her heart and her passport on thin ice. And Donovan found out that a marriage of approachability was anything but calm, particularly when required to select: Hockey or Tara. Read The Dream by Whitney Dineen PDF.

Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:               Tending Tara
  • Author:                        Kat Mizera
  • Publish Date:               April 1, 2021
  • Type:                            PDF
  • Item weight:                   290 g
  • Status:                            Available
  • Genre:                           Contemporary Romance