The Enchanted Quill Press by kingdom of Fairytales PDF Download

The enchanted quill press by kingdom of fairytales is an old story with a fresh twist. The stories you adored as a child have been twisted into generally addictive tales that will captivate you as a young one. It includes Charming castles, a mesmerizing magical, good-looking prince, a gorgeous princess, and as many happily ever after as your heart wishes. Twenty plus typical tales reiterated by a group of popular and award holder writers. The reader will appreciate this enthralling set of fairytales.  The extended novel story structures a diverse take on your desired fairytale.  The fantasy story is described in such a nice and captivating manner. It is full of heart-breaking romance, enthralling adventure, and magic. Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill PDF.


The Enchanted Quill press by kingdom of Fairytales PDF overview

Enchanted kingdom by Enchanted Quill Press, Nix of the Mill-pond fairytale was the first one-story in the retelling. It was an actual sentimental story. The curdling of relation ad mother troubles to protect her child out of any injury.  The side of the misinterpreted and ignored father was heartfelt.  This fairytale makes us realize that follow the pathway that brings you bliss and pleasure.

The Enchanted Quill Press by kingdom of Fairytales PDF overview

The second story in the enchanted kingdom by Enchanted Quill Press was a rat-catcher tale. It has added elements of the princess, 12 dancing. It was created on the real story.  It’s a roller coaster tale adjoining on a fear story with the fundamentals of opponents to lovers and concentrating on sisterly love.  The next story follows all the outmoded pits-stop of the original tale river crossover, protecting Will Scarlet, take from the rich to provide to the poor.

The Enchanted Quill Press by kingdom of Fairytales PDF novel

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  •  Book Name:          Enchanted Kingdom
  •  Publisher:               The Enchanted Quill press
  •  Book Release:         February 23, 2021
  •  Type:                         PDF
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  •  Genre:                        Fantasy Anthologies