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“The Ride” by Mickey Miller Novel Overview revolves around Zach Reid.  He was a man that everyone wants or desire. Now he is just like the taste of whisky. He was attractive and heightened.  He was fond of riding the motorcycle.  At the time he is introverted person and he understands his life after being suffered. Every person has a past which sometimes may be tragic and maybe the reason for your present happiness. But Zach Reid has a tragic past and he never wants to think and talks about it. He had suffered due to the dark past. He wants to ride a small town like a Hail globe. However, The Ride by Mickey Miller PDF full book is simple to read.


The Ride by Mickey Miller Book Review

Harmony wants to become a singer and it was her dream.  She was disturbed because her dreams were not going well and it is just an illusion. “The Ride” by Mickey Miller means the motorcycle ride of Zach and Harmony together.  They both shared a strong bond for the moment they met each other. Their bond became stronger when they suffered from many problems and struggled together to achieve their goals. They have their problems which they both faced together and tried to solve with the help of each other.  Both have different personalities but yet the same. They are meant for each other. Zach and Harmony defend each other in each other. The road was not clear; find their route by their continuous struggle, to withstand their worry and sufferings. You may like to read Vampires Never Get Old by Zoraida Cordova.

The book “The Ride” by Mickey miller is all about love at first sight. It gives rise to the idea of love that a person feels at the first meeting.  The story tells about the respect which is needed in every relationship. This story is so heart-melting. The book was amazing and interesting because of the respect that they gave to each other.

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  • Title:       The Ride
  • Book writer:     Mickey Miller
  • Release March 33, 2021
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  • Genre:             Romance