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“Unknown threats by Lynn H.Blackburn PDF eBook”. Unknown threats is suspense story about secret agents and their duties. And how a person feels devastated by the loss of close friends.


Unknown threats by Lynn H.Blackburn PDF overview

Unknown threats by Lynn H. Blackburn are a story about United States Service agent, Luke Powell. He is fortunate to be alive and performing his duties. Luke’s three colleague agents have died in a weird situation in the last ten weeks. He was devastated and disturbed by the death of his fellow, and friends. Luke was not able to find out their killer and he considers this a personal disappointment and failure. He’s a professional at protecting others, but at the present, the safeguards are in want of protection.


In the book Unknown threats by Lynn H. Blackburn, Faith Malone was an FBL special agent.  She was a confident lady and believes in her potentials. She can solve any case, no matter how much difficult and complicated it was.

 She’s been put in the duty of the inquiry into the unmatched attacks, and with Luke’s life at risk and he is suffering a lot, the risk factor has never been complex. But it is difficult to know how to battle back when you don’t identify who the opponent is.
As more agents are under attack, Luke and Faith will team up to take the murder to impartiality. They should avoid any more names from fitting together their fall over their fellow, colleagues, and sisters on the Secret Service Fence of Integrity.  Lynn H. Blackburn is an award-winning author.  It is a recent and new love, suspense series. Read Worth the Risk by Velvet Vaughn PDF.

Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:             Unknown threats
  • Author:                     Lynn H.Blackburn
  • Publish date:             March 2, 2021
  • Type:                         PDF
  • File Size:                   9460 KB
  • Status:                       Available
  • Genre:                       Suspense and mystery