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“Wicked Games by Gemma Halliday PDF eBook”. The one best novel ‘Wicked Games’ written by Gemma Halliday who has written numerous mystery novels.

Wicked Games by Gemma Halliday PDF Overview:

Wicked Games is what a fun movie series. It is a fascinating read for teenagers and young adults. The conversation between children and adults, as well as their perspectives on one another, is spot on. Every minute of this entertaining, must-solve mystery is enjoyable, which featured an exciting cast of characters and a compelling plot that will have you glued to the page from beginning to end. Wicked Games is a wonderful tale to read for young women who are self-sufficient and their mothers. Hartley may be in high school, but she knows how to deal with becoming a girl and all the drama that comes with it. This is a fun story with intriguing characters, a murder, a little passion, and a little suspense to go along with Comic-Con.


This is a good series. Characters are interesting, and there is a strong mystery with a variety of twists and turns. This is a well-written and entertaining mystery. The characters, who are teens, are really convincing and realistic. Hartley Featherstone, a junior at Herbert Hoover High School, is an important contributor to the school newspaper. So she says yes when the hot editor asks her to cover Game Con over the forthcoming three-day weekend. She had no idea it would entail murder and torture by Detective Raley, her mother’s latest partner. Instead of being cartoonish, the scenarios are spot-on interactions between two well-drawn characters.

The school newspaper assignment to cover a gaming convention that turns into a murder mystery is full of surprises. Best of all, you can read it for your teenagers without having to crawl under the covers with a torch. It was an enjoyable read. Fast-paced with a satisfying end. Wicked Games is a fantastic novel written m who has written numerous mystery novels. Read Fade Away by E.B. Vickers PDF


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  • PDF Name: Wicked Games by Gemma Halliday
  • Ebook Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing (March 23, 2021)
  • Release: March 23, 2021
  • Minimum Size: 4566 KB
  • Genre: Mystery, Cozy mystery
  • Status: Available
  • Novel Type: PDF