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“Worth the Risk by Velvet Vaughn PDF eBook”. Worth the Risk is the twenty-first book of the COBRA Securities series.  It is a fascinating mixture of pulse-pounding suspense and burning desire.

Worth the Risk by Velvet Vaughn PDF overview:

The reward overshadows the dang. Worth the Risk by Velvet Vaughn is about a girl Vanessa Lacroix. she loves the animal and was a Veterinarian. She has dedicated her life to protecting ill-treated and ill-treated animals.  Vanessa was on a humanitarian mission, and it was a dangerous one. she upsets upon a distressing task. The protector needs her protection and she requires rescue.

In the book, Worth the Risk by Velvet Vaughn, Quinn Billing, who has a business of dog training inside the COBRA Securities compound.  This business was flourishing and he was extremely busy in this. The Father of Vanessa calls him and asks him for a favor.  Quinn went off to search for her with his dog Kilo in tow.

Kilo hints Quinn to Vanessa, but they later on find out a plan more threatening than imagined and far more fatal. On the run from killers, they hurry to uncover the criminalities before it’s too late. Read You Have a Brain by Ben Carson PDF

Book Noticeable Description:

  • Book Name:            Worth the Risk
  • Author:                    Velvet Vaughn
  • Publish Date:           February 21, 2021
  • Type:                         PDF
  • File Size:                   2576 KB
  • Status:                        Available
  • Genre:                        Romance

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